A review of my current backpacking gear, by category.

-Gregory Rambler 60 (62 Liter)
-Stansport 10×12 Tarp
-ENO Double Nest Hammock
-ENO Slap Strap Pro
-ENO Bug Net
-Stansport 50 Degree Sleeping Bag
-Mountain Hardwear Ultralamina 32 Degree Sleeping Bag
-Timber Creek Pillow
-CamelBak Bladder 3Liter
-Stainless Steel Nalgene
-Nalgene Bottle
-Water Purification Tablets
-MSR Fuel Canister
-“No Limits” Cannister Stove
-Optimus Terra Weekender
-GSI Stainless Mug
-GSI Utensils
-Stanley Insulated Mug
-Fire Bag (Matches, Zippo, EZ Fire Starter, etc)
-Bug Spray
-First Aid Kid (Gauze, cough drops, band-aids, ACE Bandage, Ice Pack, Snake Bite Kit, Ibuprofen, Pain reliever, anti-diarrhea, toilet paper, alcohol pads, etc.
-Clothes Bag
-Columbia Glennaker Rain Jacket
-Outdoor Research Hat
-Vibram Five Fingers
-Chaco Z/2 Unaweep
-Merrell Trail Glove
-CRKT M21-04G
-Wenger EvoGrip S18
-Trail Map (depending on area) and Compass
-Petzl Tikka Plus 2 Headlamp
-550 Cord Bag
-Microfiber Towel
-Anything else I left off..



  1. As many have pointed out you could easily cut your weight in half without spending any money or giving up any comforts. Doing so would reduce risk of injury, cut fatigue, allow you to travel further and would likely increase your enjoyment. Even the regular nalgene are 6.2oz, a 1 liter soda bottle is 1.2. Your carrying capacity need not be 4-5 liters. Water is way too heavy to carry that much. Stick with one pair of shoes. One cooking pot. It also doubles as a mug so you can ditch all the other ones. The bag of 3 different fire starting methods is heavy and unnecessary. One mini bic, bring a second if you're traveling alone. Two bulky knives is unnecessary when you probably only use them to open your dinner. Snake bite kits are not only not useful but they make a snakebite worse. You can suction out less than 1% of the venom . Slicing around the puncture only creates new injuries to get infected without aiding in treatment. Tourniquets don't help but they can cause gangrene. Right there we've taken about 10lb off your back.
    – I have the Columbia Glennaker lakes rain jacket as well, (in green also) love it!

  2. Great video, I'm going to do some more hammock camping this summer, but my parents bought me a tent last summer for my birthday so I'm going to alternate. I don't have a hiking pack (just a little LL Bean daypack) so I try to only pack what I need and my sleeping bag is flannel lined.. not really light lol. Can you recommend any blankets I can check out (just for this summer so I don't need anything under 50 or 60 degrees)? Just something to keep me covered in my hammock

  3. I am an Eagle Scout as well and like you have been backpacking and hiking for awhile. Some friendly advice with gear, lighten your load. You have a lot of redundancies (2 mugs, enough containers for 5L of water, etc…) ditch the purification tablets that is way too old school… They work in a pinch I suppose. Get yourself a sawyer mini they are only $20. Ditch the numerous water containers and use a couple of smart water bottles those Nalgenes are way too heavy and bulky. They hold 32oz each and weigh nothing when empty and the threading is the same as it is for the sawyer so just fill it with dirty water, slap the sawyer on that and start drinking. As for the mugs get a snow peak titanium mug and use that. It's good for hot/cold beverages plus you could boil water on it if you had to and it weighs a fraction of that stainless Nalgene bottle. Obviously you'll do you at the end of the day but this hopefully gave you some options to lighten your load and make things way easier.

  4. I use a very similar sleeping setup. A tarp for a rainfly, a double nest hammock and slapstraps, but bug nets are overpriced. I made a bug net out of a scarf curtain from Walmart and it took a few hours to sew, but it only costs half of what an ENO bug net costs.

  5. Some form of signaling i would recommend duct tape incase anything rips. I just got back from a 9 mile backpacking hike with my boy scouting troop and 2 fell behind and couldn't find use and they where able to whistle to us to tell us to come back. Also in your first aid kit you should add moleskin I got 2 really bad blisters even if you don't need it always be prepared