Join me as I get out on private land in the winter and build my first lean-to shelter and establish my new base camp. Bushcraft bugout is a series I started one day when I decided to bugout of the house and do some bushcraft cooking back in October of 2017. I appreciate everyone’s support and hope you enjoy the start of a really good series of videos. Be on the look out for hidden giveaways inside gear review videos coming up in the near future and don’t forget to visit the new website.



Note- Due to an upload freeze Winter Bushcraft Bugout-Lean-To Shelter is now in a series. Enjoy part 1, there will be many more to come.


  1. Great video bud and a great start to to an epic bush camp! Great to see you out gettin er done and huge score getting access to that private land to build on!! So jealous! Keep it up Shane and can't wait to see part two!! Cheers 🍻🍻

  2. Way to be a fucking rip off stealing other peoples logos and selling them as if they where your own. I hope your subscribers find out how much of an asshole and douche bag you are. Don't watch this guy people, you should see the messages he sent to Joe Robinet. He said he's gonna sue him because Joe will not let him sell JOE's LOGO.