In this video, my dog, Scout and I head to the forest to camp for the night. I carry everything in my Wildland scout pack.
I cook steak over the fire, enjoy some cold brew, and have a good time.
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  1. just to say to whoever see this…when building a important to put the sticks into a teepee or stack them with small twigs or branches or dry leaves in the middle…having sticks scatter like that…any still lit sticks can fall down and catch the area around it on fire…..just sayin…i done that before and it fuck up the ground

  2. not trying to tell you how to train your pup.. just a suggestion, as I am thoroughly seasoned with training diggos.. his patience is on point. you've done well with him, obviously. simple one word commands work best. replace "leave it" with "wait" and I promise the amount of times giving the same commands decreases. even "back" would serve him well, and it will tell him to back up and wait at the same time. Again, only a suggestion for an already good boy who's highly intelligent. I know how it goes over when I get suggestions as to training, so no smoke buddy lol He's awesome!

    I have a 3 breed mix. purposely (bred this way). She is 50% German Shepherd-mother, %25 malamute, 25% Malinois- father. By far the most intelligent and easy to train dog I've ever had as well as the most eager to learn, please and the most obsessed with me. lol Whats amazing is, she has the distinctive markings of a husky, with the definitive colors of a GS with the lighter colors being a bit brighter than usual. Huge fluffy ears, VERY long body, as tall as a two year old male GS at only 11 months old.
    oh shit.. I just realized I'm "one of those" people who tell others stuff they don't want to know about their dog. LMFAO sorry everyone, but my dog is better than yours and your kids! haha jkjk.. mostly. Anyway, Joe, you're vids are great and I'm glad I came across your channel. Your dog is fucking awesome too, man.

  3. I'm in for the flash light. I have really enjoyed your camping videos. My husband and I used to camp out all the time but unfortunately, he passed a few years ago and I have too many health problems anymore to be able to go. I get to live vicariously thru you and some of the other bushcrafters. I'm loving it!