Stealth Angel Compact 8-IN-1 Survival Kit Review

Stealth Angel Review by Moretti Outdoors


The Stealth Angel compact 8-in-1 survival kit is of uttermost importance to have available as an everyday carry an emergency tool that could save your life as well as others.

Stealth Angel Survival Kit Review

This compact kit is ideal as an emergency preparedness kit that you can have within arms reach whether it be in your vehicle, boat, camper, backpack, or in the drawer of your kitchen.
With natural disasters and terrorism on the rise, this kit can not only save you but also protect you in an emergency situation. The Stealth Angel kit has many tools that include up to a 1,000 uses. The Stealth Angel kit is made of high-quality aluminum as well as other materials that won’t break the bank. I recommend and suggest this great kit.

Tactical Flashlight

Tactical Gear

11 in 1 Pocket Card

11 in 1 go bag

Tactical Pen

Tactical Pen Stealth Angel


Stealth Angel Compass

Keychain LED Light


Stealth Angel Super Bright Flashlight

High Frequency Whistle

Stealth Angel Whistle

Ferrocerium Rod Flint

Stealth Angel Ferro Rod Flint

Waterproof Carrying Case

Durable CaseStealth Angel Kit Contents: 

  • 350 Lumens Tactical Flashlight
  • Heavy Duty Tact Pen with Carbide Tip
  • 11-1 Multi Functional Survival Card
  • Dual Chamber High-Frequency Pealess Whistle
  • Ferro Rod Fire Starter
  • Lightweight Compass with Dual Scale Ruler
  • Ultra Bright 2 Mode Keychain LED Flashlight
  • Compact Durable Waterproof & Shockproof Carrying Case

Pros: Made of high-quality material and ships promptly upon purchase

Cons: Should include a how-to survival guide or manual on basic usage of each tool for an average person with no survival skills

Conclusion: The stealth angel kit is affordable, lightweight, and practical for everyday emergency preparedness.

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