Solo 40 km backpack hike to Howse pass in Banff Park, Alberta. This is an abandoned fur trading route. I show tricks for making life easy in the wilderness. The trail was in such bad shape, with so much deadfall, that I had to abandon my attempt to reach the pass. Check out Brian Patton’s blog on this trail at: // He’s one of the co-authors of my favorite hiking book “The Canadian Rockies Trail Guide”.

Best part of making these video (other than the hike) is matching music. For this video I used:

1:50 Instrumental version of Madonna’s “Amazing” found on YouTube.

7:20 Instrumental version of the Tragically Hip’s “Wheat King” found on YouTube. The Hip are an amazing Canadian band from Ontario.

15:10 Instrumental version of Collective Soul’s “Shine”. Done by Nick Scott. He’s on YouTube as Ambonick1 (//

19:20 Instrumental version of U2’s “Bad”. Great song by an even greater band.




  1. I love your style of presentation – very relaxed, down to earth. I just started watching your video for the first time and I feel like I've known you a long time. Nothing fancy, just the basics. Good pacing and reflections on your observations. Surprising how engrossing and entertaining the basics can be!

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  3. Really nice video. It makes me long for the end of winter and the start of spring. I didn't do nearly enough camping/cycling last year here in Scotland! Roll on springtime, ferry trips and camping again! Thanks for the virtual camp and extra tips. Army packed meals concept is sensible. I take a two man tent on the bicycle but could probably carry it , as you say for the extra room comfort and gives you somewhere to take things in.

  4. Thanks for the hike and great panoramics. I would die if I tried that. We used to hike a little in our younger days.
    I've only been to Banff once and I wished I had known how incredible it was. I did get an awesome picture of some elk crossing a stream just outside of Banff near the highway. May many more gifts of nature be sent your way.

  5. Marty, I enjoyed your laid back style of camping and educational video. The question I have is about the water, you seem to drink it straight from the creek, unfiltered. Is the water filter optional or it is a good idea to use one for unboiled water to prevent e coli, giardia etc?

  6. Thanks so much for putting your video together! Great way to get a real sense of what it means to trek through the wilderness for a few days. My wife and I have done a fair bit of extended travel, but at a certain point, the chase of TripAdvisor's "Best Things To Do" gets monotonous. I was reading on Upgraded Points the other day about how more and more travelers are leaving their homes for vacations focused on a single activity or goal. I'm all about it.

  7. Love your videos . I just have a question ! So I'm from England and been living in America for 6 years and I'd love to camp in the wild ! But I'm pretty nervous about bears and cougars ! I live in Utah . If u bumped into a bear or cougar what are some things u should and shouldn't do .