What do you do when it’s cold and you along with all of your clothes and insulation are soaking wet? Can you survive? Can you stay warm? Hypothermia? I test this scenario solo on the beautiful Chipola River in Florida.

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A survival scenario like being cold and wet can be serious with threats like hypothermia and death being real possibilities. Being solo on a kayak camping adventure poses it’s own problems that can make an amazing adventure a disaster.

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  1. Just found your channel and watched couple of the videos in the last hours, must say I really enjoy it.
    All those real scenarios are cool, gets you into a perspective that anything can go wrong, even a chillout trip.
    I really appritiacte your work and the time you're putting in making these vidoes and putting yourself in tough situations.
    I hope to see much more of these stuff.
    Greetings from Israel! πŸ™‚

  2. Chop busting time. You are one crazy mutha! First of all that's what your dry bags are for, to keep things dry. Not to take them out and soak them in the water unless you were doing a washing but I knew that wasn't so because you weren't using any soap.
    Your first thing to do after taking a accidental dunk is to build a fire first get out of your wet clothes and put dry ones on "as long as you didn't do what you did with your other stuff" lol and get heated up before hypothermia sets in.Noticed it couldn't of been that cold because there was a bunch of bugs flying around the camera,lol.
    Loved your wood processing and you made a awesome point to the people with their fancy cutting tools which is so true! As I process my wood the same way you did as long as it is weak enough.
    The only worse case scenario would be yours!!!
    Remember just busting your chops Trip.
    I know what your trying to do with the video. Always appreciated thx!
    I left ya a "pm" on your fb page a month ago and ya never got back.
    Awesome to see the population growing congrats!
    Stay warm buddy and catch ya on the flip side!

  3. Little tittie bit… Unfold all of your space blankets before hand, then refold and pack them in your kit. That way ,if you need to make use of one in an emergency hypothermia avoidance situation….. you dont have to fumble with it while disoriented and cold. Also, be careful, they will melt to you. Great channel man.

  4. Trip, ya' also asked for some suggestions for future vids….well…these will be extremely challenging. Here ya' go.
    1. You hit a rock in some rapids, your yak is cracked and taking on water. What do ya' do to continue without becoming a submarine?
    2. Going thru brush or rapids your paddle breaks and you lose half or even the whole thing!
    3. Exit. Spearfish. Re-enter with your catch. Anchor. Clean and cook on the yak.
    4. How comfortable can you get anchoring and spending the night on the yak?
    These are just a few of the things that come to mind. Good luck. Coach

  5. Trip, like the few vids i have seen. You look like you're having a blast. Can't wait to get back to yakin'. A quick idea on your drying process…nature makes a great oven….rocks. Build your fire under any over hanging rocks and lay gear on top. Or gather smaller rocks, heat them and you can lay your gear over the top reducing the drying time. Smaller rocks can be put inside shoes to help dry them out. Inside a drybag to use as a personal heater at night or in the yak. Adjusting temp of the rocks is as easy as dunking or pouring water on them. Coach

  6. You actually planned to have a disaster LOL. I was kinda bummed out when you said (before you started) something like "there's still a few hours of sun left so I'll have time to dry my stuff"; that may not be an option in a disaster scenario because you never know when, where and how disaster is going to strike. But I still enjoyed the video because I learn something from it. Thank you. Cheers.

    Plus you're very good at starting a fire. Thanks so much for the lesson. I'm just starting out liking camping and hiking all over again so this video is very appreciated.

  7. That blanket looks like mylar. Definitely dont get it too close to the flame. It wont burst into flames but will likely shrink into nothing if it gets too close. Great as a last resort but I believe there are more robust emergency blankets available (probably a little heavier tho). Nice Video, I suspect that river is cold all year because we have not really had any significantly cold weather yet here in the South.

  8. Good vid, man. Looks like a fun river. Nice clear water! Crazy that the springs in FL are warmer than the river. Up here in Northern Michigan the springs are always icy cold. I guess ours come from deeper. That makes sense in a geological standpoint between FL and MI, I guess. Cheers!