48 lb. Gear loadout for a 5 Day Backpacking trip coming up. I also have a Petzl headlamp and sawyer squeeze water filter I’ll be bringing as well.

The trip video with this loadout;

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-Sleeping Bag (Mountain Hardwear Ratio 15 degree bag):

-Tent (Snugpack Scorpion 3: 4 season tent):

-Sleeping Pad (Thermarest):

-Sea to Summit E-Vent Compression dry sack:

-Bear Can (BearVault):

-Sleeping Pad (Sea to Summit Insulated):

-Packable Rain Jacket (Outdoor Research Helium 2):

-Packable Rain Pants (Outdoor Research Helium 2):

-Folding Saw (Silky Big Boy):

-Camp Knife (Esee 6):

-Titanium 700ml pot (Toaks):

-Storage pouches (Granite gear 4-pack):

-Flashlight (Surefire Tactical LED):

-NOAA Weather radio/flashlight (Midland):

-Water Bladder/Hydration (Geigerrig 3 Liter):

-Gloves (Mechanix Mpact):

-Bear Spray:

-Telescoping Fishing Rod (Plusinno):

-Backpack (Gregory 100Liter backpack):

-Stove (Jetboil):

-mini stove :

Take Care and Safe Travels!



  1. I found that , for myself , it's basically the same stuff for just a overnight or a multi-day trip. The only real variable is the amount of food I need to take. Over a lot of years I found that a lighter pack is a nicer pack so the wants stay home and only the needs go. If something is not used on a trip you can bet it stays home on the next one. It's your trip so do it your way and enjoy every minute of it. I go by a old time tested saying ….A ounce in the morning is a pound at night.

  2. Was wondering how your little micro burner is doing? I bought mine around the same time and it's still working. It was $9 for 2 on aliexpress. Haven't had to use the spare one at all. I use it for cooking, starting fires and even as a light source when my head light broke in a fall.

  3. I can pack and live comfortably with a good knife, 10ft of fishing line 2 hooks, steel and flint, a Marksman Pocket hunter and a good wool blanket/Poncho but I also enjoy carrying around 47lbs when I choose and either one is a blast on a 5 day pack-in so whether you're a Woodsmen ,an Ultra lite packer or a Pack mule Have fun and dont poke fun at a guy who enjoys Life. Theres always someone who can pack lighter then you. You Ultra lite Pricks think your better then most but theres those few who can pack even lighter then you, so get over yourself. Almost all you Ultra lite weekend Warriors are the same its a shame. My Son is 19 his pack weighed in at 52 lbs he walked 27 countrys across Europe last summer in 3 months with a pair of Chuck Taylors on his feet ,he cashed in at alittle over 1300 miles came home rested 2 weeks then took off to Pack across both New Zealand Islands then over to Australia before coming home all with the same pack on his back and the same beat up chucks and even figured out how to carry 3 bottles of Wine with him for me for 3 weeks. Ultra lite was made for women. Edward here said he had a great back and good legs so 48lbs is ultra lite for him whats yalls excuse?……….. Good Job My friend ENJOY!

  4. Hey why all y'all hating on the guy ..criticizing his weight ..who cares how much it weighs you ain't toting it ..dude did a good job with this video and y'all mofos all negitive..only thing I saw was the gloves ..but I got tough hands from being a construction worker ..

  5. I'm a 5'1" female couch potato (i.e. not ex-military, and I like my creature comforts too). I'll race you with my 25lb total pack vs your 48lb baseweight pack. Wonderland trail. 93 miles. No resupplies allowed. You say your pack weight doesn't hold you back – let's put your assertion to the test.