wanted to jump the gun on an upcoming trip and get some of the gear talk and loadout out of the way before I go -thx for watchin



  1. As you suggested, I’m going back on some of your previous videos. On this one I like how simplistic you are on showing your trip load out. Very easy to follow while also very informative. As a newcomer to backpacking, you, Joe, Shawn, Martin and Lily are inspiring me and helping me gear up. Have some trips planned soon. Great editing.

  2. love your posts Doug ! I always feel like I'm right there with you on every adventure .every carving clip , or even just to share a cup of coffee with you , I can almost smell the smoke from your bushbuddy and the aroma of the coffee .by the way how do you like your Helvie roughout knife ? I have the same one you have and I absolutely love mine .

  3. Nice loadout. Me I've ditched all my pot covers long ago. What's their use? To help water to boil faster. To cook your food faster. So why using the heavy lids? I use a simple foil folded in two and it does the job perfectly. Much lighter and I can use it for other things if needed. I'm not an Ultra-light hiker/trekker/bushcraft, but if I can travel with less weight on my back then I'm a happy dude!