By the end of the 2016 Summer season, I have learned what worked well and what I needed to thin out of my backpacking system. Thanks to the experience I gained this season, as well as from great viewer tips and tricks, I have refined my system, cut down on significant weight, and taken the next step to building a lightweight system.



  1. Just a suggestion. Dont carry anything strapped outside the bag. Im an American living in the Philippines. Foilage are like little fingers unstrapping your gear. Also on Alone one guy lost his axe that was strapped to his back pack.
    I have a SnugPak Rocket pack. side pouches hold my Silky Saw and heavy choppers. Machete is on my belt. Tripod fits in the bag.

  2. A good thing to do when you're still relatively new is to make a list of every item you pack before a trip. When you get back put a check mark next to everything that you used. Anything without a check mark, excluding emergency stuff, should be considered for removal. BTW, that is a ginormous pan. I bet you could find a cast iron pan lighter than that sucker. 🙂

  3. 192…how tall are you ? you look taller than me . i am 195…5' 8" tall ,53 yrs old . heavy but it's not fat (mostly) if you don't count my head . i am not in shape though . doubt at this time i could get more than 2 miles without having to rest a while , if that . not good at all .

  4. to repair holes in the mesh pocket or on any part of a backpack take a piece of duct tape stick it on the inside of the hole and then sew the part that has been ripped , and mesh pockets on backpack tend to tear like Silk so try not to leave them face to pointy rocks or branches

  5. Just my thoughts and might help ya out. Depending on your food choices, I've never really needed a big pot, my toaks does what I need. (Boil 2 cups of water). Atlas straps are heavy, maybe consider whoopies/ continuous loop for suspension. I have a fire bag, but also put backups in other places incase I lose it. Baby box tucked in a pocket somewhere. Before filling your bag, place a heavy duty trash compactor bag inside. If it rains Your stuff will never get wet. Think of it as a waterproof shield in your bag. Recently I tried alcohol stoves after being a canister guy forever and wish I'd changed sooner. So much less space and pretty easy too. No more extra half ful cans laying around. Just my 2 cents off the top of my head. Hope it helps

  6. Great pack load out. You could fix the holes with tenacious tape or a similar item. You could save some weight by using a titanium coolest like toaks. I own the Stanley too and it's a great pot but it's a bit heavy. Especially since you carry that bigger aluminum pot. I love carrying a shemagh so many uses from a towel to layering. Really love that little lantern!

  7. I've used cuben fiber tape (available from ZPacks) for repairs on a variety of materials. It's super strong stuff and cheaper than you'd think. They also sell patches. If you email ZPacks I'm sure they'll tell you a good solution, even if it's not their product. If you use tape or a patch, use two – one on each side.