Here are some of my favorite pieces of ultralight backpacking gear for 2017. I outline the items that have made it on my gear list and those that I highly recommend.

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  1. Tim, I don't use any of the gear that you talked about, but I love your presentation and your enthusiasm is awesome! I may have to try some of your favorites. For the past half a dozen years, all of my backpacking has been done with my girlfriend, so our set up might not ever be too ultralight. I'm a relatively new subscriber and actually found you via your trowel reputation! Happy New Year!

  2. My favorite piece of gear for 2017 is my Big Agnes Roxy Ann 15. It's a cross between a sleeping bag and a quilt as it has a non insulated bottom that has a sleeve for my sleeping pad. I like that I don't slip off my pad and so far it's kept me nice and toasty. I have the original Pocket Rocket, but thinking of upgrading on your recommendation. And I love that utensil/utensils. Great T-Shirt, btw!

  3. Great recap Tim, I got one of those Humangear utensil sets in a Cairn box I won in a GAW. I have to say, that fork and spoon set booted out my titanium spork because of the full-toothed fork. I also like having the two separate utensils as well, I can eat my meal and stir my hot chocolate at the same time. Great tips and gear, thanks for sharing friend.

  4. My favorite pieces of gear: 1. hammock (tablecloth DIY) because that's the only way I can get out and enjoy anything overnight or longer 2. ULA Circuit- carries all my stuff so comfortable I forget it's there…. Out of the stuff you mentioned L'm getting the Humangear Duo, I need a versatile utensil like that for nesting purposes. Great job.

  5. Hi Tim – this Chris humangear. I was the lead designer on the GoBites Duo. I appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts on our Duo. We spent about two years working on the GoBites line to make utensils that were not just different, but better than what already existed. It's really cool to see that people are enjoying them. Safe travels, and bon appetit!

  6. I'm thinking it's not new for this year, but I am really liking my REI Trail 25 daypack.But it's new to me. It's 1 lb 9 oz. Fits stuff very nicely and is very comfortable, Imo BTW, I picked up the Human gear fork/spoon set for some travel next year.

  7. Great list Tim … I have 3 for myself this year. When I'm in a tent rather than a hammock, I love my Paria Recharge XL sleeping pad. Keeps me warm and I get a great night of sleep. Also bought a Thermocell Backpacker mosquito repeller that has worked great … a bit heavy, but worth it for keeping my blood in my body! And finally, I love my Kelty Coyote backpack. Fits me best and really comfortable …
    Best wishes and thanks for a great year of videos!

  8. Excellent Video Tim!! I like how you added the video clips into it something like that crazy uptrail guy does! πŸ˜€πŸ‘πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ The new camera light is my favorite new piece of gear. It helps some with the night videos and works great around camp or in the hammock. It's lightweight, long lasting before you need to charge it, and it has multiple settings for brightness. Adventure Archives liked it and they used it some for their videos at our campsite.

  9. All excellent gear choices Tim. Definitely going to pick up the Humangear duo to add to my mess kit. I agree, i love my arc haul and my big dig πŸ™‚ but my best gear purchase for 2017 was my cuben fiber tarp though….love it! Two other honorable mentions would be my 3 axis gimble for my go pro and my dji spark!! Great vid Tim!

  10. You are spot on with the Warbonnet Mini Fly in camouflage. All my other tarps , even my Cuben fiber one stay at home. To name just a few on my favorites …..Ultralight is the Zpacks Nero with the Warbonnet Traveler hammock with the bug net and the Mini Fly. My cook kit is the Evernew Appalachian set with the Humangear Duo utensil. The fuel for it is 153 – 190 proof ( food grade ) Grain Alcohol. Its a fuel for the stove , a disinfectant for wounds / cuts etc. It can even be diluted ( with something ) for a mixed drink , if you are brave enough. lol

  11. My favorite is my backpack. ULA Circuit. Weighs 2lbs3oz. I love it. I also have been watching your channel for a while. Your doing a really good job. Merry Christmas and I hope you keep putting those videos out for 2018. Oh yea my favorite video you did was Red River Gorge