Each year we scour the floor at the Outdoor Retailer show in Salt Lake City to find new products that will change the way folks play outside. These are often high-end, expensive pieces of gear filled with the latest tech innovations, but in this video we focus on the five coolest pieces of gear we found for $50 or less.



  1. This is seriously the worst recommendation-video I've ever watched on YouTube. Hilarious! Recommending a 420 steel knife in 2016 – which is probably the worst steel out there apart from being pretty much rust-proof. Come on – easy to sharpen is just a nice way of saying always dull – everybody above the age of 12 knows that by now! The headlamp is just that – a small headlamp! Everyone has one – and they are generally very light. There is Nothing! Special about it. The gas stove – yeah really special! It's not like they come in every shape and size nowadays. The little BRS 3000 from china for 12 bucks simmers if you do it right. And it only weighs 25g. But the very best gadget is the coffee-cooler for 15$. Yes, I first go and buy a heavy insulated bottle to keep my drink warm – and then I go and buy a cooler, adding further weight and reducing the capacity of said bottle to do something a simple mug would have done in five minutes after pouring – Of course that's smart! Every reporter who doesn't have a clue and eats up the next best marketing line does it nowadays. Why do real work, when you can label just anything "the best new gear", get people to waste money on crap and frustrated with camping? PLEASE GET OFF YOUTUBE!!!

  2. 4:00 cool coffee down, that gadget is a waste of money & the Black Diamond IOTA is nothing special, I've had the BD ReVolt for a few years, just as bright, rechargeable, better battery life, has red lights & bigger beam distance, and it only weighs an extra 40 grams. Much better headlamp.

  3. If you are going to knick yourself with a knife, you don't seem qualified to recommend a knife.
    The jet stove blah blah blah, you never even mentioned what type of fuel it requires. This is just a vague overview of new items so you have no standing to recommend anything.