Hiking and backpacking are some of the best ways to enjoy the outdoors. Our beginner’s guide shows you what type of gear you’ll need for everything from a short day hike to a multi-day backpacking trip.



  1. Boots, flip flops, 2 pairs of synthetic or wool socks, long synthetic pants and 2 synthetic shirts, stnthetic underwear, jetboil and utensils, a warm second layer, sleeping pad, sleeping bag, bivie, water purifier, food, bear can, two water carriers like a bladder and nalgene bottle, whistle, knife, liquor and beer. Ive backpacked some of the roughest trails in the western US for weeks at a time. Trust me thats all you need.

  2. Looks like a few companies put this video together thanks for talking about some of the most expensive Equipment out there. Most of the names that you mentioned in this video everything is way overpriced for what it is.i'm not saying it's not nice equipment because it is very good equipment but do you need to spend that much money to go out and have a good trip no you don't

  3. I would tell a beginner, to skip the fancy gear and get outside!
    People don't know what they really want when it comes to gear, until they get out there and want it. Once you've done that you'll be able to get the things that are more right for you. So just get/bring the basics at first. Here's a good example, I like little mesh stuff sacks to divide stuff in my backpack, and I wouldn't have known that without being out there, but you might not. You'll just have to go out there and see.
    Plus, there is tons of great almost new gear you can get Ebay for huge discounts,..if you know what you want.
    Most young folks have a book bag that will work as a starter daypack.
    Things important to bring hiking:
    1 a bag to carry the stuff.
    2 enough liquids to drink. 1liter bottled water and 1 liter of you favorite soda.
    3 a few snacks
    4 navigational stuff: your phone and/or map and compass
    5 frog toggs poncho, fleece jacket, 1pr socks
    6 a small 1st aid kit with a small knife and bic lighter and flashlight

    As for backpacking, sleeping under the stars next to a campfires on a fair weather night is the sort of thing outdoor lovers are made from.
    So, if you're just getting started backpacking, check for good weather, and get that experience.
    1 You need a bigger backpack, 50 liters minimum. I like 50-60 liters.
    2 A warm sleeping bag, freezing half the night will make a man out of you, but so will a woman, so take your pick.
    3 a single foam pad will keep you warm but more is better, get a thermarest when you have the money.
    4 a nice tarp like a 8×10 or 12×12 some paracord and trekking poles. You can use the trekking poles to hike up hills during the day then they help pitch the tarp in case of foul weather. the weather. If you know the weather is bad, just go another weekend.
    5 Food that doesn't have to be cooked like uncle ben's rice, chicken packets, peanuts, sweet snacks, and drink packets will work just fine on short trips.
    6- Most importantly-…..Bring a friend!!! time in the woods is just better when you have a buddy to go with.

  4. EVERYONE starts out with a heavy backpack and gear , then eventually goes to lighter gear so the smart person starts out light from the beginning. Search the web for light weight packs , there are several for backpacking that weigh two ponds or less. Tents the same thing but around 2 pounds or less , Hammocks can start at 7 oz and go up from there. Cooking gear a simple alcohol ( 1 oz ) stove like a fancy feast one or a bio mass wood burner like the Silver Fire Scout at under a pound and you pick up the fuel ( sticks ) as you hike along.
    Sure the lightweight gear will cost more but in the long run if you start light then you will not have purchased several packs , Tents , Cook-set , Stoves , Mattresses and so on and on. Back in the dark ages I started out with a backpack and tent that weighed more then all of my stuff today , excluding water and food. A summertime pack and gear at 7 to 8 pounds is really nice and lets me carry more water since a liter of water is a additional 4 pounds.

  5. just a sales pitch for the products listed. who in the world needs a 3 person tent when hiking solo on a 2 or 3 day hike that weighs 6 lbs ? rediculous.

    I'd suggest a Eureka solo tent if you're on a tight budget or just starting out.

    also, a 60 to 70 liter is overkill on 2 or 3 night hike. 50L is more like it.