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  1. Any plans to reduce all the rain protection for the pack? You have a pack cover and a bag liner, do you need both? Like some of your ideas for your kit though. I need to invest in a light WBBB XLC. I wasn’t weight conscious when I got into hammock camping and went for the “biggest and the best”. So when replacing kit I just ordered the same hammock gear tarp. Expensive but I really see the value.

  2. Notice you use a hammock for sectional hiking. I watched 2 videos of doing the AT. There are miles where no trees exist to hang the hammock. Would you take a tent instead? I am looking for a lite weight back pack with a frame to keep air flow on my back, any ideas? Many AT hikers start in Georgia around March 15 because of deadline in Maine to the finish point of the mountain. Winter snow and storms closes it down. What you think about March 15 start and what clothes to pack? Watch "Walking Home" a AT documentary. Great video.

  3. You said you wanted a smaller container for your hand oil this may sound bad. But I smoke weed and there are these thing call oil container that are small rubber container that will hold like 15g and I think that they will work perfect in your case.😎

  4. Just a word of warning, about the contacts, the manufacturer's claims are totally false. there are not any contacts in existence breathable enough to wear for that long. Not even any exist that are safe to sleep in. You don't know it but you are suffocating your eyes. Never wear nay kind of contacts for longer than 8 hours max. I'm telling you it will damage your eyes.

  5. How is that Mountain Hardwear Ghost Whisperer working out for you? Is it holding up well for you? Does it keep you warm on chilly days and does it keep the wind out on moderately windy days? Would you recommend it? How does it perform in the rain? What is the lowest temperature that you were in that it still comfortably performed? I ask because I just bought a previous year's version for $150 and am now second guessing my purchase :/

  6. one of the finest pack tours ive seen, you left your ego at the door which a lot of people dont. and you have a top notch gear toss.

    ditch the hammock, it's the only way to get the ul money out of your cuben gear. and checkout goodwill for clothing, I wear all hiking cloths all day from years of very slowly sifting through their racks, you will at least findva nice underarmor or silk shirt to swap with your cotton

  7. Looking at your lighterpack, your base weight is only ultralight when you are wearing your pants and shorts at the same time. How much does wearing your boxer briefs, running shorts, and hiking pants all at once resteict your movement every day on the trail? Is it as bad as you'd think, or manageable?

  8. as close to a perfect kit as possible, depending on preferences. but definitely the lightest combo for a hammock UL setup, you've done well. and I agree, spend the 180g to make the Zpacks bag stronger, absolutely worth it. Only thing I can see is cooking. You carry a good 700g in cooking and fuel, when a plastic screw cap container can rehydrate food just fine, albiet cold. So 100-700g at any one time just for warm food, and coffee but, that might be worth the weight to you, it's about preference. I go stove-less and love it, I just adapt the meals. Only thing I miss is hot coffee, I can make iced coffee with soy milk powder, instant coffee and sugar, which is nice.

  9. Love this video and Gear List! After a failed attempt on LHHT with my 45lb (I know what you're thinking and I have no idea …) loaded Osprey on my 59 year old female body, I'm fixin' to go ULTRALIGHT before I go back!! I've been eyeing and debating your warbonnet and nothing convinces a person faster to buy something than a failed attempt 🙂 Anyway, your Hammock & Tarp links aren't clicking completely through to the product, not that I haven't been to their sights dozens of times, I just thought you might want the clicks/credits or whatever from linking them to your video! Thanks Frozen and we coulda' sure used you on the trail! 😀

  10. Thanks for the video. My ULA set up is close but not quite as light. Palace tarp is a little heavier, and rigged the same as yours from your earlier video. . I added AGG Mesh sacs to my Hammock Straps, in case they get wet. I can leave the WBBB in the doubles sided sac and the straps can hang out of both ends and the liner sac. I use camp shoes – "crocs" that hang on the pack. I am currently using the heavier Z-Lite Seat over the Dutch pad. I like it better for sitting on (thicker) but prefer the Dutch as a foot pad. Canister stove over Fancy Feast just because I find it safer and not as sloppy when stored in a Toaks pot with bail handle. Try leukotape or KT tape instead of duct. It holds better but breaths a little more when used as a bandaid directly on skin. I love Prilosec as well and enjoyed your first aid kit. I carry a little more weight in the first aid, toiletries, and emergency/fire kit; but that is all personal. I didn't see a tick key, but you did mention the pliers on the multi tool. I just got the ZPacks Rain Kilt and have used it once as a ground sheet. Loved it. I just received four Dutch Plastic Biners and I am trying to take advantage of the loops and see if it will work as an UQP on my 3/4 under-quilt. I don't use sacs on my quilts but stuff those in the bottom and store the down jacket in it's pocket – opposite of you. Would love your reasoning for the quilt sacs. Finally, I leave a S2S Aeros Pillow attached in the hammock and blow that up slightly each night, but am thinking of switching to the Pillow Sac. Many Swear by it. Love seeing your gear. Well researched, explained and utilized.