Hiking in the new forest and stealth camping

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Hiking the new forest, stealth camping, outdoor adventuring, the new forest,


  1. Lovely scenery, very brave pitching in the bracken.. Adders love to live in bracken!! Similar in landscape to my Ashdown Forest, check my walking vids where I'm in the forest, very similar. Interested to hear about your Gelert track 1 tent… was going to get one as they are seriously cheap at the mo, but what put me off slightly was the Hydrostatic head at 3000 and the size… is it ok for a night or 2? Cheers for now. Lee (Burton Outdoors)

  2. Liked the video a lot. I live very near the New Forest.  I'm surprised you weren't spotted because the tents were pitched on the side of a hill. If you have a great view, others have a great view of you. Unless you camo the kit up of course. Personally I prefer to head into the woods and use a hammock and tarp set up. Much better cover and concealment, and generally less pests to deal with.Great that there's two of you though. Not easy to find others to take part in this sort of thing.
    Love the last piece of video.