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Here is the list of the 7 unsolved mysteries of hikers who mysteriously vanished into thin air.

From a hiker who disappeared while on his summer vacation in Hawaii to a 65 year old women who went missing while hiking on national park.

7. Trenny Gibson
6. Daylenn Pua
5. Douglas Legg
4. Derrick Engebretson
3. Debbie Blair
2. Matthew Greene
1. Jeffrey Zoltowski

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  1. When people disappear in a forest, the most likely thing to have happened is that they are dead somewhere in that forest; in most cases because of them underestimating nature. Sadly, in most cases it's impossible to find their bodies since the forest is (in most cases) huge and overgrown – it's really hard to find a corpse in a forest. Also, we humans have a tendency to put ourselves in really stupid places, making it even harder to find any corpses.

  2. I don't think #1 was abducted because with all the hikers around, there was too much of a chance to be caught if you were an abductor. I bet Trenny stepped off the trail to take a pee and got lost. She then traveled in the wrong direction to get back on the trail, and eventually died from exposure.

  3. That poor young boy that idiot person who just thought it could be his father!!? U never know this is why u just go with you're instinct even if you are wrong u never know what could be u could be saving a life ….Debbie poor Debbie she's most likely dead rip to all who haven't been found and if you're hiding somewhere shame on you