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Backpacking, hiking, and camping in Japan is a possibility just outside of Tokyo. We go to Mount Kumotori and, with views of Mt. Fuji and distant Japanese cities, experience the wilderness in the land of the rising sun.

The original soundtrack for this episode is available here: //adventurearchives.bandcamp.com/album/adventure-archives-episode-17-original-soundtrack

Featuring drums by Nate Laguzza at YouTube.com/nbldrums

Total Distance: 24km/15mi
Okatama Station: //goo.gl/maps/YykptzbHkdL2
Nanatsuishi Hut: //goo.gl/maps/Kd8feg3mUG82

00:00 Teaser
00:23 Theme Song
00:50 After Intro
02:26 Map Sequence
03:48 DAY ONE – The Trailhead
04:05 The Journey Begins
07:03 Shrine
08:00 Onigiri
11:40 Big Ol’ Leaves
13:07 Water Station
14:39 Lunchtime
16:21 Sunny Grove
18:00 Ryoubu Tree
19:14 Toughest Trail
21:50 Light of Hope
22:22 Tent Site
24:04 Relief
25:08 Ramen Noodles
27:46 Curry
30:03 Lying in the Tents
30:33 The Stars and Fuji
32:42 DAY TWO – Breakfast
34:45 Snowy Hike Out
38:48 Another Junction
39:30 Ridge Trail
42:09 Helipad
43:24 The Steep Climb
44:18 Resting and Talking
46:08 The Final Climb
46:57 Summit
48:42 Setting Sun Hike
50:06 Night Hiking
51:04 Searching in the Night
52:35 Sanjo-No-Yu
53:40 Hearts Refilled
55:46 The Best Camping Meal Ever
57:33 Deer Meat
58:56 The Warm Hearth
1:00:37 Mysterious Creature
1:03:09 Morning
1:03:37 DAY THREE
1:04:19 Coffee and Miso
1:05:15 Hospitality and the Final Hike
1:08:30 Credits


Sony A7s ii – //amzn.to/1TsF95J
Sony 16-35mm f4 Lens – //amzn.to/1ToMn9y
Sony 55mm f1.8 Lens – //amzn.to/1ToMpy4

Panasonic GH4 – //amzn.to/1GJjb7N
Panasonic 12-35mm f2.8 Lens – //amzn.to/1FRE9kc
Panasonic 100-300mm Lens – //amzn.to/2kW8nvc

Rode Videomic Pro – //amzn.to/1p2a9JT

Manfrotto 502 Video Head MVH502AH – //amzn.to/1nhkBrF
Manfrotto 055XPROB Tripod – //amzn.to/UKa55r

Glidecam 2000 HD – //amzn.to/WUpTEv


Condor Bushlore Knife – //amzn.to/1JaBBv7
Equinox Egret Tarp – //amzn.to/1BIqkmW
Eureka Casper Sleeping Bag – //amzn.to/1BXhlxH
Buck 119 Knife – //amzn.to/1TrKgQY
Mora Craftline Q Knife – //amzn.to/1TrKffT
Katadyn Water Filter – //amzn.to/1onus3P
Platypus Bladder – //amzn.to/1TrKfNc




All of the musical compositions or arrangements and footage in this video are original, and were composed, recorded, and captured by Andrew Lin, Bryan Lin, and Robby Huang; drums and percussion performed and recorded by Nate Laguzza at StudioGooz, Los Angeles, CA

Original content and music is copyright Adventure Archives (c) 2017




  1. I just hiked Kumotori a week ago (29-30.12.2017) ! It was fun. 2 days hike.
    We started the hike at around 11:00 (1st day) and got to the Kumotori sanso (the hut 15 min from the top, not the one on the video) at 17:00. We started the hike at 6:30am next day and got back to the bus stop at around 12:00 (caught the 12:20 bus to Okutama Station).
    I hiked a lot of Japanese mountains this year, and that one was one of the easiest actually (I`m far from being a pro hiker).
    The hut you made a stop at, we passed at around 1-2pm on the first day of the hike… it is just 2-3 hours after starting the hike…
    I would advice next time to get the first bus in the morning as well as leave really early the huts (I usually leave them at 5:306:30am). Good you had head lamps.

    Anyway, it was very well edited and the video looks great!! Might I know what kind of camera you were using? I am going for an 8 day hike in the summer and I thought I should film it and share it with people. Thank you in advance.

  2. Thank you so much for this video, I was there with you in spirit while watching it.
    I loved the true, heartfelt words, and philosophy you so kindly spoke throughout the video and towards the end.
    I am of the same philosophy and I love meeting like-minded hoomans 🙂
    It is my dream-that-WILL-come-true-soon, to live in Japan for a while and now I want it even more! All the best guys, much love from a Greek in bonny Scotland!